Women History Month

Women History Month : Women have been in media right from the beginning but the numbers had been very few. With time, this has surely gone up and the number of women in every aspect of the media has been on the rise. We have independent women who have created their niche in the industry.

From women directors, actors, editors, producers, reporters, photographers, they have done it all. This positive rise has been getting a positive response from media aspirants who want to make their mark here. Media that was once considered to be unsafe and a not so good field for women, has witnessed a steady rise in the number of students enrolling for studies related to media.

Swathi Sriram, a Mass communication student at Symbiosis – Pune said, “Media was never an option for girls back home, but now that has changed completely. My conservative parents have given me the freedom to pursue my career in media and I am raring to work in it”.

Padma, a reporter with Sulekha.com said, “I find it quite challenging to be working in media but that is what makes it interesting. And I must say men are encouraging women who are stepping into media. Working late nights and reporting at odd places keeps me going. The work is very interesting and I love what I do”.

English Vinglish, directed by Gauri Shinde with Sri Devi playing the lead is a celebration of women power. The movie catapulated Gauri to great heights and she has surely made a mark for herself. Similarly we have a lot of unsung women heroes who have been giving their best for the media field.

Gayathri, a program producer at Zee Tamil said, “Media is my passion and I am happy to be pursuing it as my profession. I work on par with the men in my department. There is nothing that a woman can’t do in media. More importantly my family and friends have been supporting me throughout”.

Getting into tough locations, getting the news to taking photographs, writing books, wielding the mega phone and donning the grease paint, women seem to be giving me a tough competition. John Gladson, a video journalist said, “When I started off ten years back, only men handling the camera but now I see a lot of budding videographers and photographers. I am very happy about this changing trend”.

Anjana, a media aspirant said, “Few years down the line, I hope to wield the mega phone and direct a film. When asked about who her inspiration is, she beamed its actress Revathi as she has had a good run in the industry and has made a mark both as an actress as well as a director”.

Whether it is a day job or night, photography to reporting to acting, they have captured all aspects, and they are hungry for more. And the women are more than happy with this change in the number of women working in the media. More the women, more safe and secure it becomes for the other aspiring young ladies out there.